Maintenance Sports Massage

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Maintenance Sports Massage Indications and Benefits

Sports soft tissue massage is not only beneficial to those undertaking sports it is also important for everyone in prevention and recovery from soft tissue injuries. Sports massage can be used for the following: 

– Maintenance
– Injury prevention
– Injury evaluation and rehabilitation 

Apart from the physical effect on the soft tissue itself through massage, there may also be beneficial physiological and psychological effects.  The combination of physical, physiological, and psychological can have a profound effect on a person and may not only assist in the healing of soft tissue injuries, but also how the person feels and reacts positively to the treatment.

"Janice Clarke has treated me many times. I find her approach very professional and knowledgeable. As a triathlete and windsurfer, I have suffered injuries to my legs, shoulders and lower back and these injuries have resulted in pain over the years. Janice has managed to locate the exact areas of the injuries and her treatment has improved my mobility and reduced the pain. I definitely recommend Janice as an excellent Soft Tissue Sport Therapist."

– Julio Sanchez

"I compete in triathlons and therefore have regular massage sessions with Janice. Janice is very professional and provides a beneficial sports massage but she also goes into depth and looks at body movements and prescribes exercises and stretches that will help in both healing of injuries and to better performance in the future. I can recommend Janice to anyone for her sports massage therapy services".

– Tonie Stahlfest

"As an ultra and trail runner I know I can rely on Janice, who is an athlete herself, for a sport's massage to help keep me running injury free. We also trust Janice to treat our running holiday guests. We know that she will offer everyone the same professional service and high level of care. Janice takes the time to give a thorough examination before massage, taking into account specific training loads and previous injuries. Janice is highly recommended for her 5-star treatment".

– Sarah Whittington

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